A beginners guide to help find your way around WordPress admin

In this post we will be taking a look at the WordPress admin when you log in for the first time after registering. This is as explained in the earlier article. Available Here


WordPress Admin Bar

  1. Home button
  3. + New
  4. SEO
  5. Activities
  6. Profile
  7. Search


  1. Dashboard
  2. Jetpack
  3. Posts
  4. Media
  6. Profile
  7. Tools
  8. Settings
  9. Seo


  1. Screen options

WordPress Admin Bar

Home button

This button are labeled with your web site title and changes function depending if you in the admin panel or on the site. When in the admin section, clicking it will take you to the site. From the site this button drops down with various admin features.


The peach bubble shows a comments count, new comments that need moderation. Clicking this takes you to the comments page.


Allows for adding various kinds of content, depending on your user level. This button provides an easy way to add posts straight from the front end.


This button is part of a plug-in by Yoast used by Designaweb on all our sites. This plug-in comes with a host of settings that we configure and maintain on your site.

With author accounts this feature allows for keyword research and changes color according to the post’s SEO score. Grey is the worst and green is acceptable. We will take a look detailed look at this plug-in in a later post.


The activities link shows you various activities on your website. This will only be available if you connected your WordPress account. Connecting your WordPress account will follow in a separate detailed post.


You are able to make adjustments to your profile at any time using this link. We touched on your profile and setting the basics in the previous post available here.


Recently Designaweb added Omnisearch to our sites as part of the Jetpack plug-in. This feature allows you to search the entire website. This search is a big improvement from the previous search function.

WordPress Admin Sidebar


The dashboard will vary according to your installation. On sites we manage, the activity panel and recent submission form entries are displayed as default. Different WordPress Admin panels are displayed depending on your specific sites requirements.


This is another plugin by WordPress.com This plugin adds many extra abilities to your website that we configure to suit your requirements. A detailed post about this will be made at a later stage.


The posts link are available to you, and allows for adding content to your web site. At an entry-level we do not allow for pages to be created. The posts you make can be categorized and have all the required functionality.


The media library link are used to add new media or manage your existing media. With our sites all media are optimized when it is being uploaded to your site, but you can also re-optimize at a later stage.

Two ways of adding media from your WordPress Admin exist, the multi-file uploader or the browser uploader. A default 2mb limit are set on the up-loadable files.

Comments & Profile

These are the same as the links explained in the admin bar above.


This WordPress Admin link may contain other tools depending on your web site’s requirements. As default a “Press This” button is added that adds a link to your browser that allows for you to easily add content from the internet to your site. A complete usage description is showed on the page.


With entry-level accounts most of the settings are not available, we manage those to make sure your site works at full potential. If you have your WordPress account in place you can set up the sharing settings.

The sharing options allows for your posts to be automatically shared to various online apps. A detailed look at setting up your WordPress account will follow.


The SEO page shows you the posts and key information with regards to posts you made. A bulk seo description editor is also available.

WordPress Admin Tabs

Screen Options

Depending on your view port size, you may on some pages not be able to easily read all the columns, as in this image below:

Wordpress colmn-settingsBy toggling the check boxes you can hide some unwanted columns, making your screen easier to read.


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