Quickfood System Dashboard – Server Admin

Quickfood Server Dash

System Dashboard

The dashboard serves 3 purposes, and are meant to be used by the manager or the cashier if a cash desk are configured.

The primary purpose is to display sales related information so that you can see how busy your shop is at a glance.

Secondly the dashboard provides links to all the features, we use a toolbar with Icons in the header section. This gives a clean look that is easy to master by new operators, and hides the many tasks that can be performed by Quickfood.

The Chart

The dashboard chart carries a wealth of real time information that is truly useful when managing any bar or restaurant.

Indicated on the graph are sales information, you can see maximum, minimum and average transaction values and what sales point or cashier is currently doing transactions.

To the bottom of the chart you get 3 sets of information that includes sales over time, income per hour and transactions made over time. This is handy in determining what time to close your sales for the day.

A bar chart to the bottom displays the percentage sales made by each person working the current day, the purpose is for you to be able to see which of your staff works harder and you can easily notify the slower performers to pull up their socks.

The Toolbar

Next to the logo that serves a a dashboard link you will find the icons starting off with the dashboard link. There after the first few icons will be the most important.

The stock icon takes you to the stock balance tool. This system starts every new trading by by balancing the stock, to give you an exact figure of what is happening in your shop.

The cash icon links to the summary section that are related to all your cash-up information. Here you can see cash shortages, expenses, monthly totals and more.

The products icon loads the products configuration tools. In this section you can easily manage your products, suppliers, packaging and much more.

The expenses icon opens a expenses section that not only allows for configuration but also gives you real time indication of all expenses paid from your sales points. The expenses sections are highly configurable and plays an important role in managing your business.

The gaming Icon appears on configured setups only and provide you with all payouts, members information and totals on separate machines.

The master float are a very handy tool to manage cash once it leaves your sales points after end of day are run, this is a very powerful application and can be used for additional float for gaming machines or a petty cash.

The clock icon does not only provide current shift register times but also contains the staff payroll, efficiency feature and configuration of staff information and clock-in cards.

The special feature is a true gem, it is one thing setting up specials but never easy to get staff to remember about them. So in this easy tool you can configure specials with starting and stopping times and dates. This then in turn automatically alters the prices and displays on the sales points and alerts your cashiers that specials are active.

The members section sports a highly configurable loyalty rewards feature, that collects clients information, generates membership cards for easy printing and most important, gives you real time members activity.

That is right you can see who is buying what and at what prices without even being close to your shop.

The Messenger

This is a really handy tool for remote managing and doubles as a shift handover book, the messenger offer various usage options.

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