This stock balance app does all the work for you.


Stock Balance

The stock balance sheet does all the work for you, once a day is cashed-up and reset, the Stock balance will automatically open and do the daily calculations for you. There are two types of balances the first being if no stock were counted the previous day and secondly if the stock where physically counted.

No Stock Counts Made

Once you reset the day and no stock counts were done, you will be notified and a “Use Theoretical” button will be visible, clicking this button then allows the system to calculate the theoretical count, this mean that all the stock will balance.

Stock Counts Where Made

In the second case when stock were counted, the calculations will display the stock balance, including shortages and overage. This will trigger the RECOUNT on the sales point. The recount banner will stay on the sales node until all the non-balancing stock has been recounted a second time.The reasons for this will be explained in the POS section of this guide.

Some Features

1. Show All – This button is the default entry mode and once clicked displays all the products in the system.
2. Sales – This button will display only the products that have been sold on that day.
3. Added – The added section is for stock added into the front of the shop, regardless if you use back storage.
4. Removed – This serves a dual purpose and displays stock used in recipes(mixed) or physically removed.
5. Open – This button displays all the available stock during the opening time of the shop.
6. Close – This displays all the stock in the shop during closing time once the cashup is completed.
7. Recount – The Items up for recount is only items that does not balance during a physical count.
8. Make Balance – This function will calculate the stock counts to balance, what there is supposed to be.
9. Restore count – When a count where done, this button will reset the count back to the actual counts.

Sheet Sections

Starting from the left you will see the plu number followed by the Product description, there after comes:

Back OP: The back opening stock – usually kept in your store-room.
REC.: This is stock received from your suppliers and placed into the store-room.
Back CL: This is the calculated count of what stock is in the back store during cash up time.
Open: This is the stock in the front of the shop before any sales were made.
Sales: The sales column displays the quantities sold during the day – totals rung on the sales points.
Add Fr: This is moved stock from the back of the shop to the front, booked in on the sales node and
automatically deducted from the store-room or back stock.
Model Stock: This is the calculated closing count that must be in the shop during closing time.
Recount Balance: This section allows for recounts to be used or not used after the recounts are done.
Units: This displays the total units that does not balance, either short or over indicated with a “-”
Value: This is the total value of the stock count discrepancy.

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