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Once off set-up: R 20 999.00 | Monthly service charge: R 950.00



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* This quotation does not include any computer hardware.
* This quotation is valid for 7 working day’s as from the date sent or delivered via e-mail or if on special expires with the end of the special.
* All payments to be made via EFT to the account stated below and proof of payment must be sent via email to
* No work will commence until the initial cost as above is paid in full as quoted.
* This quote and the contents of this presentation in whole is subject to confidentiality.
* Website marketing packages will be quoted separately if required, a google adwords budgeted campaign for advertising is strongly recommended, IT MAKES A DIFFERENCE.
* During development I create all required strategies and will gladly incorporate any reference materials you can supply, the more the better.
* By submitting this agreement the client indemnifies from any copyright related legal action and the client confirms that any content supplied to is accredited for legal use.
* will apply their best efforts to obtain optimum search engine performance results, but is NOT responsible for search results as the respective search engines control result ratings according to their specifications.
* Monthly charges must be paid before the 1st of every month, if no payment is received by the 1st, all services will be suspended until payment and a R 215 admin charge will be levied.
* Email support is FREE for all clients.
* In order to start a domain transfer you must supply with all required credentials to current hosting accounts etc. so that transfer can commence.
* By submitting this quotation you agree and confirm that reserves the right to completely terminate this service agreement and forfeit the paid deposit funds, that have been paid with proof of payment into the account, If any suspicion arises of criminal, fraudulent or any illegal misconduct at any time during this project.