Why getting a seo audit on your site is a good starting point.

Seo audit iconSmall businesses often opt for free or very low-cost websites, not realizing the implications. Does your website bring the business leads in as you planned?

The Question: How well does your website represent your business on the internet? If you are not happy with the results, or the answer is “Don’t Know” then you need to read this to the end.


Some companies use dedicated staff or use marketing agencies to manage marketing. On the other hand, smaller businesses often opt for free or low-cost websites with the hopes of getting new customers.

What’s the difference? no seriously is there even a difference?
The difference between planned campaigns and misinformed efforts are as clear as day, this is what search engines use to rank websites.

“So, it is easy then…  you go to Google, download their list of what
you need to do and you are on your way?”

Unfortunately that is not the case, there are no published rules. And to keep everything exciting, the “Rules” or “Signals” for ranking content often change.

How you present your business goes beyond the design. The writing quality, site structure, social activities everything influences your rank. Lower quality boils down to lower rank and this means, less potential customers.

SEO Audit

Ok, that is a trick. So how do you easily stay on top of everything?

Why SEO Audit?

The road to better rank starts with your existing assets. A SEO audit of your website points out the problem areas. Methods exist to test and verify improvement to these problem areas. By getting a complete seo audit report you have a starting point.

At this point a good understanding of your website and keen reading skills goes far.

You can pay for a seo audit or you can easily do a free online audit. Once again there is a difference. I always suggest getting a seo audit done by a human first and then make use of the free automated seo scanners.

Most of the higher impact errors needs fixing only once. A good foundation or “On site seo” make it easier to keep up ranking. You are left with making sure your new content is up to standard. This is much less work than you would expect.

A quick look at what to expect

Your seo audit results can turn out a very hefty document. It comes in handy if you know the four groups of ranking factors. These are the groups we will be looking at:

  • On the page SEO
  • Off the page SEO
  • Violations
  • Blocking

SEO Building Blocks

On the page SEO
Rating content are done by looking at quality, keywords, engagement (Bounce rate) and freshness.
The HTML that makes up your site are check for quality.
The Architecture of your site determines how easy your site is crawled, load times and how relevant your URL structures are.

Off the page SEO
Links are vital and search engines look at quantity, quality and how visible the links are on your site.
Social activity means how many of your posts are shared.
Does the social activity prove your site to be trusted. Your website’s age also affects trust.
Personal ranking signals includes your location, do you have returning visitors and what does your friends think of your site.

The two sections above ad points to your rank, where the next two factor groups remove points from your rank.

Thin or shallow content that lack substance are penalized.
Stuffing or also called keyword density is important.
Tricks to boost your rank, like cloaking, paid links, hidden words and link span is becoming more serious. With the last panda update link spamming where pointed out, meaning that websites with a history of comment spamming will receive penalties.

Search engines look at how many of your posts are blocked. Apart from that can search engines also see who and why you block websites.


The factors we looked at above weighs in differently on your final score. This mean that you can by complying with the rules or at least as many as possible, improve your rank. You do have a fair chance.

By setting your existing content straight, you will quickly learn what to look for the next time you create new content.

Remember the Question: How well is your website representing your business on the internet?

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