Is replacing waiters with tablet restaurant systems a smart move?

Tablet restaurant system, the question is if tablets should replace waiters?

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Quickfood Installed the first tablet restaurant system in a game lodge in 2012 and proved the advantages.

Although there are many applications that this system can offer and, yes replacing the waiter is one of them, we found that placing the tablet in the waiters control offers more than enough reason to replace docket books and not waiters.

Theory and Practice

Spending a lifetime in a restaurant before turning full-time programmer taught me a few things about the restaurant industry. Even the thought of replacing waiters with cold characterless devices shoot up many red flags. We must all create work not contribute to the unemployment problem.

Let’s take another scenario: You can supplement the food with capsules. The capsules are quick to consume, offers the perfect balance of dietary requirements, you can sell them in all sorts of efficient ways! And in the process save thousands on dish washing liquid.

But one vital point is missed here: Going to a restaurant is about the experience. Great service, tasting the food, the ambiance, and the waiter plays a crucial role, from adjusting the air conditioning to advising you on what to eat.

Surely there are situations where you just want a quick snack, lunch or something to chew on before boarding a flight. These type of outlets are already geared for quick delivery times and replacing staff may even be a plus. But what happens in a restaurant where the waiter makes out part of the experience?


The Solution: Arm your waiters with tablets.

When looking at the situation from this angle you will soon come up with the question: but why use tablets if you still have waiters?

The Quickfood roaming point of sale does not plan to replace waiters, but rather placing the tablet in the waiters hands and arming them with some powerful tools.

This provide a win win situation, not only for the waiter but also for managers, making section staff and all the way through to the owners.

By replacing docket books with tablets the following advantages becomes very clear:

  • Cut travel time / delivery time.
  • Measure staff efficiency
  • Reduce training time for waiters
  • Provide staff with detailed product information
  • Eliminate writing errors
  • Advanced stock ordering and analysis
  • Real time stock levels
  • Remote access to admin

And the list can carry on, but I believe you get the point.

The Conclusion

In order to maintain and even improve the dining experience it is a better idea to place a tablet in your waiters hand, than to replace the waiter.

We have lots of experience and solutions to successfully and smoothly transform your restaurant to a tablet driven operation. Feel free to contact us for advice.

Extended reading

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