Proposition Strategy: What are you selling again?


Proposition strategy: What this means is not rocket science, it is something that came along from the beginning of business. Any business works on, and sometimes perfect, their own proposition strategy. It does not matter if you selling fruit on a Cape Town corner or meeting in a office.

In plain English: a proposition strategy is the way you display whatever you do or sell in such a fashion that will make people buy it. Or react appropriately to a reaction you evoke.

This is how we did it for Ratrod SA as explained in email correspondence between us:

 Proposition Strategy

The site consists of two main groups, website and blog, each performing dedicated functions.

The website starts off with the landing page the links to the contact page,  our story,  what is a ratrod, festivals & events, media appearances.

The blog is the section where you will be doing all your posts. The blog can be categorized on the fly, meaning you can add new categories immediately where you create your posts.

A help section will also be added over time as problems arise from member interactivity. The blog has the first basic categories: newsletter, photo galleries and rev’it up, a section for all sorts of posts, car reviews and articles.

Creating a reason to sign-up as a member

After some contemplating we arrived at the conclusion that a community flavoured proposition strategy will work best. Instead of focusing on showcasing products, the focus must be diffused and present visitors with a good reason to join in and take part.

The site make-up as detailed above will provide enough info to get visitors interested, but I know if there are no action following that, it will go to waste. So what to do?

Community, that is the answer. A free for any person to join community and from that we build the data base.

My suggestion will be, to attract other rat rod enthusiasts and publish their builds on the site. All members must apply to join. The application form are designed in a way to qualify the applicants according to specifications explained later.

What’s really happening here? During their application, the prospective members must give us with enough details to create a top quality post, that will be posted by This way we grow a legit following and the required database. By doing this you grow in to an authoritative position. You stand good chances to become the guy that sets the standards. Now we are smacking two flies in one go, as generating authority is a key part of SEO and Page Rank.

The second contributing factor will be that approved members must commit to a minimum number of posts made by them on the site. All posts published by them will be curated and fixed to comply with the site layout, by you. – Don’t stress this is easy, I added the right tools for doing just that.

If all is well this will cause a steady, continuous addition of new content to the site without you doing too much. And as an added bonus each member that publishes create back links from their place… to your site, remember incoming is more important than outgoing links.

With each guest post the member will be allocated an author box where they can add their credentials, this is called a hcard micro-formatted box. The details displayed in the hcard are configured on each members profile page. Help pages and videos will be added as mentioned before.


Easy to join and get email notifications.

We just hooked members to contribute a portion of the content, now what about the people who does not want to write but still join in?

These notification sign-ups will not add to the site database, but will make them give up their email address in return for notifications from the site, every time a post is made. This provides you with a low maintenance way to run email campaigns.

The trick here is to have a simple one click solution placed in various key locations on the site, making it as easy as possible for any person to get notified about your activities. This type of activity receives good SEO points from search engines.

Competitive advantage

You must be good at something, and flaunting that something special is equally important with regards to the other sections of this proposition strategy.

So Joining puts the new aspiring and old professionals in touch and creates a platform where people can dream, show their dedication get support from others and tell everyone about their successes.

To set up the best competitive advantage we took a deep look at a few sites and found this.

Site 1:
This is a want to be community, but as far as I can see, all the posts are made by one person with zero comments. His downfall is that he is pushing advertising too much, it looks as if his only interest is making money from ads using rods as proposition.

Site 2:
This sites first priority lies with establishing a single person as an authority on rods and spare parts. The next pages is about spare parts and how to give your money to him…. Not being funny, but there are no planning there, good for us.

Site 3:
This site drives magazine sales, jobs(good one) and some opportunity to advertise.

It’s obvious here that everyone starts off with monetizing, My head tells me to first build a following and then later consider options to monetize the site, in this specific case.

This is by no means a study of the opposition. During the keyword research, while compiling the content, a fully blown study were done.


We proved that is possible to end in a position where dominating the SERP’s is relatively easy, and have confidence that we can establish authority. This is a quick look at a single proposition strategy, and as you know each business is unique, so if you need help, shout!

Renier van den Berg
Working alone, providing digital services to businesses in different sectors, comes with an advantage. I get to see the similarities in businesses operating in different sectors and will gladly help you to implement the right digital strategies and applications to save money and generate more business leads.