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Photos and graphics is a key part of your website. Apart from appearance you need to know the effects photos and graphics have on your seo rating.

Photos and graphics, do you know what to look for?

When talking about photos and graphics it is a proven fact that posts with images draws more attention and engage more people. WordPress offers a media library that makes uploading and embedding images into posts easy. One thing most people do not realize is that just as easy as it is to add images, you can also have a negative effect on SEO ratings on your website.

In the following sections we will be taking a look at how images affects your SEO rating and how to overcome the caveats. We will work through the following:

  • Photos and graphics Size
  • Photos and graphics indexing
  • Photos and graphics Copyrights
  • Photos and graphics Quality
  • Photos and graphics Online Editing

Photos and graphics size

With regards to image size the first part to consider is the file size in Megabytes, not just the real display size in (Width x Height) in pixels.

 It is not wise to upload and embedding photos straight from your camera to your website. Most of the times your camera take photos on the highest possible resolution (size/quality) and that is the problem. Sure, you do need the image quality as good as possible but there are some important factors that come into play here, lets take a look at them:

With your camera set to take the highest quality image the photos created will be to big for use on the internet.

 a) Hosting Space

The first impact to take note of is storage space, your website hosting costs are directly connected to how much space you use, the more space, the more you are going to pay for hosting. The standard hosting space size provided by is 2gig, this is more than enough to host a big website with lots of content. So, If you are going to upload large volumes of images all at 10mb you will deplete your allocated hosting space in no time,and you will end up paying more for hosting.

 b) Page Speed

The Second reason to consider is page speed which refers to the time it takes for your page to open up on the visitors side. The time is dependent on the viewers connection speed and this is very different for users due to various reasons. Once again the way to control the time it takes to download an image is directly proportional to the image size.

What is the best photos and graphics size for web purposes?

  • How do I check the photos and graphics size?
  • How do I change the photos and graphics size?
  • What is image optimization?

Photos and graphics Size Limits

The upper image limit somewhere at 100Kb (kilobytes) works good. This is only a reference size, and the amount of images will also affect your load times. In the end you must create images looking as good as possible and as small as possible and remember making smaller looks better. The opposite applies enlarging images reduce image quality.

 How to check image file size

There are many ways to check the image size, if you have the image loaded in a browser you can simply right-click it and click “view image information”, the same goes for windows explorer. Right click the image and select “Properties” that will show you the size together with many other bits of information about the image.

NOTE: One of the best formats to use for images is .jpg as it applies compression that you can easily adjust but .png also works well and .gif for animation.

Changing the image size

When using a graphics editor eg Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop etc you are often provided with settings to make the size smaller. The best way to start of with large camera photos will be to make the Dimensions smaller an image that is 3000×2000 is much bigger in file size than an image of 800×400. For most application purposes a size with a width of 800 pixels is perfect for website usage.

Learn more about image size in the online graphic tools section below.

Image optimization

I always include an automated image optimization feature with my websites. This is a process that happens when you upload an image to your media library. You will also be able to see a percentage(%) value of how much the optimizer shaved off the file size during the optimization process.

Photos and graphics indexing

What is indexing? Just as pages that make up the parts of your website, images are also indexed by Google, or let me rather say considered for indexing. The WordPress media library is a handy tool and easy way to attach media to your site, but there is a SEO drawback not known or not taken into consideration by many. This is something that happens automatically and has a negative effect on your ratings.

Every time you upload an image into your library, WordPress creates an attachment page for the image. This page has only the image as content, a bad practice with regards to SEO as page content is a key reason taken into consideration when rating your site for placement by search engines.

In the case where you submit images for indexing, you need to make sure to add all the attributes to allow for indexing.

Image copyrights

The usage of any content created by other people without their permission have always been a problem, and with Google image search it is both easy to copy other people’s work and find out who copied your work. It is as simple as dropping an image into the search and see what comes up.

Copied content has always been penalized, but from June 2014, as part of the new updates made to Panda, these infringements will be hit harder. Copying is a serious SEO offence.

A note on quality

Always start with the biggest image possible and then scale the size down. Making smaller improves quality, and the opposite applies enlarging causes pixelation and a drop in quality.

Photo and graphics editing tools online

Here are links to free online graphics tools. There are many available, but these works easy and can perform the required functions. and

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