Facebook paid advertising terms and conditions


If you own a business, and pay to have your content posted on Facebook, you are most likely supporting activity that directly breach the Facebook Terms and Conditions, which in some cases may be classed as criminal activity or fraud.

By feeding fraudster with cash, with the hopes to get more business, you are busy being dumb on many levels.

Fake likes and click farms are but few of the many ways this can happen. Most people will not notice these skims or the effects of this activity. In fact, everything I point out here will most likely not affect you in any way.

The problem arises if you are using Facebook for business purposes, you can not only get involved without knowing (caught), but also suffer the results of fraudulent activity on Facebook, even in your legitimate efforts. That’s really bad and this is how it works:

Only Facebook win

There seems to be a debate over whether it is allowed to charge people for direct advertising on Facebook. This answer is really easy and there should not be a debate about that. But first – what do I mean with direct advertising?

Link: to Facebook Help Center thread about this topic, really interesting.

By direct advertising, I am referring to the act of paying someone to display your adverts in key areas. These can be on profiles, or pages.

As far as I could have worked this one out, it looks to me that:

The Facebook Terms and Conditions are structured in such a way that, only the act of paying FACEBOOK by means supplied by them, via the site and paid by debit order from your account into the account belonging to Facebook, are allowed.

What a bummer. But it’s Facebook’s fruits of their labour, not yours and they control it in full, it’s not a democracy and they get to call the shots. It’s their space to sell.

Facebook’s Problem or is it?

As you will see in the video linked below – Facebkook find themselves in a place where it is very difficult to detect and prevent fake actions, that includes things like: page likes but at the same time, they do gain a percentage income, generated by majority of the fake activities, in some or other way. So why stop it, right?

What is really going on

People are placed under the misconception that likes on a page generates more business. IF you do a quick google search for by fake likes – you will instantly get many pages offering that services. And yes it works 100%, you pay and watch your likes grow almost instantly.

How does this affect my business?

The most obvious reasons people spend money to buy likes are: They want to create an impression that the business are popular or have been placed under the misconception that buying likes will bring more sales.

Both wrong, if you want to look popular and buy likes, you may get the likes, but; will you be paying for comments and engagement next?

There are absolutely no way people will start buying your products simply because you have many likes. The reality is that the guy on the other end of the like gets paid to click your button and won’t even know that you exist – there are no way that can ever translate into a sale.

It’s all about engagement.

If you remotely think like any business person thinks – then you will want to see proof or you simply have too much money to throw around. In order for click sellers to convince people to buy their clicks, they often turn to telling people about their large numbers, or that they have a following or the amount of clicks you will get.

When do you pay for services that includes social media as a marketing platform?

There are many marketing companies and these days online marketers that offers services with regards to paid advertising your business on the different social networks. These companies offer proof or performance on their ad campaigns which most of the time does NOT include posting ads in certain places. But rather the implementation of a calculated strategy where social media plays the role of engagement.

Engagement are the act of communicating with real people who are interested in your products.

Link farms and other internet tricks can influence your real figures and becomes a big challenge for any business starting an online campaign. It’s a big job, but you will want to filter out fake farm clicks, to get to the most exact numbers.

Quantifiable Solutions

Any genuine marketing service will be able to give you proof of the results, often called ROI or Return on Investment calculations. With this type of proof, the company will determine the actual amount of real people engaged, and then weigh that up to the amount of sales that came directly from that engagement. All the data to do this calculations are available on all the major social network applications.

You can run a very quantifiable campaign on social networks only, but 99% of the time you need a website that is geared to give you feedback and data to use in calculations. The objective is to be set up in a way that you can get data from Facebook and your site.

Then you use the two sets of data in comparisons and you will be able to see where you are losing potential conversions or, on the flip-side -which of your posts are working.

All the social platforms are merely a small part of what a complete marketing and business driving, working, strategy should consist of.

You want to calculate Efficiency: input over output – you want to know that for each R 1000,00 I am paying, I will be making +- R10 000,00 in sales, as a direct result from my marketing budget.

In conclusion

Before this drags out too much, stop chasing dreams and fake audiences with fake likes and absolutely no results, and either start working on your own strategy which by the way I have many posts on: here or go to a company that can help you achieve the results you are paying for.

Some extras:

This is how you can see if a page has fake likes. Click Here

 A really nice video about this.

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