Facebook scams – and you are NOT part of it.


If you own a business and you pay a marketing person to post your stuff on Facebook, and you are within the Terms & Conditions of Facebook – you still lose.

Sad, but true. Facebook are developed by Facebook in such a way, that if you don’t pay them to run your adverts on their system, they do NOT have to show your posts to anyone!

This is truly a lose lose situation – or is it?

Let’s take a quick look at what we talked about in the earlier post

  1. Buying spaces from any one other than Facebook – not allowed.
  2. Not buying spaces and posting promotional content – not showed.

Quite a trick, but not rocket science, the answer is somewhat of a mixture of things but, to me the name Social Selling works.

Don’t fight – Facebook always win

As with anything else, the recipe to get your stuff sold on Facebook consists of a complex combination of just the right proportions of just the right stuff. I could not say it broader than that. What are the stuff:

  • You must pay Facebook
  • You will need an audience
  • You need content
  • You need a strategy
  • and the space to keep your stuff

Easy, only a couple of very flexible ingredients, and the way you mix them will decide the taste.

What’s the flavour

The desired effect you are trying to get are literally – the flavour of the day. There are no single once of action that you can do and mysteriously conjure up thousands of hits + sales. Doesn’t exist – Maybe Bieber.

Right after paying Facebook, you want to build your audience. Your content reflects on your audience. That matters because it is well known at this time that Quality far outweighs Quantity. In other words, you will get more business from an audience that shows the signs of engagement.

And to have engagement, you need to be sociable. Basics, be nice, talk about the things you get up to, don’t be only about what you are selling, but allow your audience to get to know you, the REAL YOU. After all the objective is to build relationships with real people, just as you will do in your shop.

It does go stale

Monotony, repetition, boredom. Those always settle in – that’s your biggest enemy. How do you fight it? With an airtight strategy. You need to have a plan.

A really good plan will give you a variety of ways to keep your content from going stale, thus maintaining a set standard in posts, that will keep your audience happy for a long time to come.

This bit you do not make in a day, and paying a strategist or a company that specializes in online strategy are the way to go, if you do not feel confident with your own online savvy.

Some guys online are true entertainers, and always give the come back you love to hear, it’s sad to see such great talents go to waste, as all the effort applied in a situation like that, results in nothing tangible.

 Audience – “check”, whitey comments – “check”, What’s next?

Do no evil

You need a strategy, and there are no getting around that – the competition out there is FIERCE, millions of people are doing what you are doing – If you did not notice: the world shrunk tremendously the last 10 years.

Pre-Social network days, businesses where limited to as far as they can travel. The internet simply demolished and vaporized that concept. You can literally reach people anywhere in the world, amazing and exciting, both at the same time BUT You are competing on a International stage now – and locally…  something like that, as Trump will say it’s HUUUGE.

In-order to stay afloat in this sea you need to have a plan, and by sinking the other boats…. you are not getting anywhere. you are simply clearing away your own audience – shooting yourself in the foot.

Do no evil – a good strategy will not be evil 🙂 You want to focus on key parts of your business and products and convey the most important parts as truthful as possible, using all the available mediums and media whilst keeping it exciting and evoking the right reactions, you are looking for. A mouth full

Let’s Park it.

As you may have realized by now – using all the tools and apps results in a lot of work, you do not want this to go to waste, that will be like planting the GOLD you just found, back in the ground again.

You not only get a spot to keep and show and share your stuff and users, but you get data. This data will give you clear results, of your efforts. You can use this and better your strategies or some even boast a bit with it – eg: join our 16mil followers… anyway – you get what I am saying. You must have a website – not a template job, a site that gives you the tools to really better your propositions and compete.

Becoming a force – that depends on how hard you do it.

Renier van den Berg
Working alone, providing digital services to businesses in different sectors, comes with an advantage. I get to see the similarities in businesses operating in different sectors and will gladly help you to implement the right digital strategies and applications to save money and generate more business leads.