Excited about your new website, is it working for you?

Special or not imageDoes your new website do what you thought it will?

Every one knows that keeping up with the competition means having a website.

So let’s say you are at the point where you know you need a site and you are about to start shopping around. Where do you start?

Do you shop price and save money because you are boot strapping?

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Let me tell you a story about John, the entrepreneur.
John is shopping for a website and start by finding the 10 best deals on the internet. After finding out what each service provider offers he decides on the Lower priced website that give him the most features.

He get’s the ball rolling and soon John’s new website goes live. Being excited about the prospects, John takes it further by adding his new website address on all of his letterheads, business cards and even signage.

At this point John thinks that he has done very well marketing his business. He even placed a newspaper advert with a special to make sure everyone sees his website.

What happens next?

Sure, everyone in the area notice that John has a new website. In the first couple of days John gets a response and even make a sale. This is all good or is it?

What really happened here? Effectively John reached all the potential clients in his area and made a sale, but that would have happened by simply running a special.

Now sitting back and looking at the role the website played in Johns first marketing attempt. There are some questions that comes to mind:

  • Did John grow his market?
  • Was selling products at a reduced price more profitable?
  • How long will this carry on, as long as the specials run?
First question, did John grow his market?

One fact is that john made a sale, Pete at the local workshop saw the special in the paper, went on the website and got Johns details. Pete got in his car and bought the tools. But Pete is local, he needed tools and would have bought from John anyway as John plays squash with him once a week.

This would have happened without the new website. I will have to put this one down as a no, John website played no part in growing his market.

Next, is selling at a reduced price making money?

NO definitely not! Specials are good, if used in the right way you must have a goal otherwise you are wasting money. Pete who bought the tools from john got a good deal and will again, look for the best deal around. To get Pete back again, John will have to drop the price again. John will never survive if he has to cut all his prices with 10% just to make sales.

There is a major flaw in this whole scenario. And that is value, there is nothing of value offered to Pete by visiting the website. Nothing there that will hook Pete and make him come back.

There is simply no reason for that. Pete visited Johns new website once and now know everything about Johns business. The end.

By now it is clear that Johns new website did not really help. Maybe he decides to forget about it and just write it off as a bad experience. Or John decide to make his new website work and start doing some homework.

The learning curve.

I find so many people stuck on the learning curve it is scary. The internet is a big place, with billions of sites and advice about anything. That is the problem, every site out there will give you good advice. The problem is that no one will tell you what is good or bad for your business. That you can only find out by yourself, trial and error.

How much time do you have to learn online marketing by yourself?

You may not think so, but I can guarantee you that you can browse around and try everything from posting adverts on social networks to buying followers on twitter, for a very long time and still have nothing to show for it.

You will stay on the learning curve for as long as your online efforts are random and not part of a plan. It is crucial that you align your actions and goals and follow your plan, made to your requirements.

 Ok – got that, now how do I make the plan that will work for me?

That is the reason behind this blog, in the following posts I will take you through step by step, and who knows maybe you lean something. Feel free to subscribe to the right of the page and receive email notifications of new posts.

Renier van den Berg
Working alone, providing digital services to businesses in different sectors, comes with an advantage. I get to see the similarities in businesses operating in different sectors and will gladly help you to implement the right digital strategies and applications to save money and generate more business leads.