5 ingredients to compliment your marketing skills.

skills requirementsIt seems that picking up marketing skills on the internet is easy. This is because there are so much content marketing busy happening.

The Question: Is marketing skills all you need to create and manage your own content, marketing strategies and pay-per-click advertising campaigns?


If you are a new to marketing your business online, Remember: It may look very intimidating, but it’s not.

In this post we take a look at the basic skills you need to get your business online. You will notice that marketing is only a small part, and hopefully by the end of this post it will be clear that there is nothing intimidating.

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skills toolbox

Your entire toolbox consists out of 5 main skills as below:

  1. Web Skills
  2. Marketing Skills
  3. Content Skills
  4. WordPress Skills
  5. Analysis Skills

Combining selected parts from each of these skills, gives you a solid foundation to start and scale your marketing efforts on.

  • You will be able to comfortably use your website to create interesting, high quality posts.
  • It is good karma to share your knowledge. You will know exactly where, when and how to share. And in return you are constantly building your credibility.
  • Harvesting and engaging with potential clients will seamlessly fit into your daily operations.
  • A good foundation enables you to measure your efforts and know where to make adjustments – optimization.

web skills

Let’s take a look at your toolbox in detail and see exactly what each of these sections are about.

1. Web Skills

Html basics

Hyper text markup language is not programming and it makes sense. The abbreviated name HTML represents a markup you add to text.
Why do you want to do that?
With basic html skills you can easily adjust how your pages look. This will allow for better user (visitor)  experience. Better formatted posts keeps visitors engaged for longer.

Graphics and editing

I found that most people get stuck with images. Some posts have no images making them look bland or otherwise you find posts riddled with copyright issues.
The good news is that you do not need to spend thousands on complicated graphic editing software.
There are more than enough free editing tools on-line, that helps create optimized images that looks professional.

Google tools

Google offers a host of internet services for business. By using these you instantly save money on software, enable collaborative working and much more. Managing your time also becomes easier by using Google services.

Social networks

There are many different approaches on how to use social networks. Most of them work the same, but each one is very different. Knowing how each social network work gives you an advantage. It is nice having different social networks to meet different goals on.

marketing skills

2. Marketing Skills

Digital marketing overview

First, relax. There is no need for you to instantly become a marketing specialist. Taking a good look at digital marketing will make it clear to you that there are many facets, each more involved then the next.
The important part here is to see that you only need a few basics. With the basic parts in place you will be able to create and launch your business on the internet. Thereafter practice and experience will hone your skills.

Defining various strategies

Not one business is the same, each have different goals. The key here is to make up your magic combination. knowing the different parts and what each does, makes it easier for you to fine tune your campaign.

Taking a look at the strategies below will send you in the right direction:

  • Proposition
  • Acquisitions
  • Conversion
  • Retention
  • Analysis

Applying your strategy

Once again, you have a wide choice of assets and methods to meet your goals. The take away parts I would like to give you here are:

  • Build quality followers for quality leads.
  • Consistency is key.
  • Follow your plan, do not get side tracked.
  • Know your tools and do not automate too much.

Create Quality Content

3. Content Skills

Seed words

I follow a slightly different approach with seed words. In normal terms seed words are those keywords you use to create more related keywords for advertising. Knowing that relevance is important throughout different areas of the internet, I add in a step.

When you know what topic you want to write your post on, first get some keywords. The next step is to use the google adwords keyword tool and get suggestions on groups and keywords.

Once you have the list of suggested keywords you can filter through them and select the most relevant keywords. Your new list with highly relevant keywords makes it easy to plan your post.

Keyword types

AdWords offer different keyword categories name match types. It is important to understand the difference between these types. Another way to see keyword types are to take what the purpose of the keywords are.

Who are you targeting? What is the goal of your post:

  • Research Keywords.
  • Consideration keywords.
  • Purchase keywords.
  • Loyalty keywords.

You can find a detailed post Here.

Some pointers here, know who your audience are and what is the goal of your post.

Keyword research

The right keywords make or break your posts, Google adwords is one of the many tools and ways to collect keywords. Researching which keywords to use can take some time and fine tuning. Getting you keyword research right will prove 100% worth your while.

Competition research

Competition research is crucial, not illegal or unethical but very important. How will you guess what you are up against? On the other side, you competition knows exactly what you are up to.

If you wondered whether you should research your opposition, the answer is Yes, very important.

The trick comes in with the how, and corporate espionage is not an option. At least you have the internet and looking in the right places can tell you all you need to know. It is simple asking the right questions.

Master WordPress

4. WordPress Skills

Know your tools, once again.

WordPress is my platform of preference because it offers a well supported community with many help forums and support channels available. it is possible to learning how to use the system to its fullest, by simply browsing and trying things out.

When you use your website to its fullest potential, you will notice that it becomes the heart of your on-line business. WordPress offer a wide choice of themes and plugins.

These extensions allow you to add useful and important functionality to your website. In the end, you will have to invest some of your time to become the master of your website.


5. Analysis Skills

Measuring the results

 Start by identifying Key Performance Indicators and use them. By setting performance indicators you will see where to optimize, what to add or what to remove.

Performance also means ROI or return on investment. To better your strategies you must point out the expensive parts that is not leading to conversions. When you know where the bottlenecks are you can make adjustments and improve your returns.


All the points above make up your on-line toolbox, master these and you will bear the fruits.

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