A point of sale solution with flexible installation options.

Quickfood installation options

Quickfood offers multiple installation options. This post will be taking a look at some of the equipment and ways to configure your installation. Quickfood is cost efficient and gives you a tailored pub and restaurant management system. Some of the components looked at in this post are:

  • Quickfood Server
  • Sales Nodes

Quickfood_BarQuickfood Server

center_3The server forms the basis from which the Quickfood system works. The smallest installation starts with the server that doubles-up as a sales point.

Server site options
Although the in-house server is the preferred option, other options do exist. Your server can also be hosted online. A fast enough ADSL connection will be required for hosted or remote servers.

Server minimum hardware requirements
Quickfood software does not need an expensive, powerful server, the software runs well on a basic desktop system.Server minimum requirements are as follows:

  • 2.8G Dual Core with hyper threading CPU
  • 500G Hard Drive
  • 2 Gig Ram (more is better)
  • Windows 7 Ultimate 64Bit
  • Bar code scanner
  • Slip/receipt printer
  • Monitor and other components of your choice.

All hardware, installation and configuration are done by me. This way you will have peace of mind knowing that I will conduct maintenance and repair on your hardware.

Hosted Server info
Hosted server services, works best for situations where you are planning to manage multiple outlets in various locations, from a single office. I fully manage and maintain hosted servers as part of the monthly maintenance agreement.
A local area network server is the cheapest solution even if remote access are required. Data transfer costs will be applicable in setups where remote access or cloud hosting are applied.

I help you in choosing the best options on data contracts available. All the setting up installation and configuration of servers is done by me. Hosted cloud based services are provided by a reputable host. The hosting provider is very reliable and offers different pricing structures depending on your requirements.


Sales Nodes

Sales Node TypesIn conventional systems the nodes are fixed in positions throughout your premisses. Quickfood removes the limitations with tablets.

You can imagine the many advantages mobile sales access offers. Nodes are configured to do various tasks, some may be used as till points to make sales or take orders, some purely for order display in the kitchen. In some cases a single node can perform as a display and a cash register.

Multiple nodes can be connected to a single system local or cloud based and adding extra points are done easily. Access to the server can be obtained via Wi-fi or LAN (network cable). Tablets can make direct connections to the server via Wi-Fi through a wireless router.

Wi-fi Routers
I only install top quality routers that offer dual band connectivity (b/g/n) to prevent lag on the network, even when more than 10 nodes are active.

Connectivity range is determined by the router and may vary with respect to where they are installed and the location of walls and entrances. In general a range of +- 50 meter is easily obtained. In situations where a greater distance is required we add in additional routers to act as access points.

Additional Hardware
I always look at your current setup and from there provide the additional components that may be required. eg: cash drawers, slip printers etc.


Sample Installation Options


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