Must have Google tools for managing your blog.

Previously we looked at online tools good for testing your website. In this post we will be looking at 6 of Google’s many products. Google Calender is another one of the Google tools you can add to these, but not featured in this post. This is because I will be doing a tutorial at a later stage on Google Calender and how to link it with Thunderbird. In this post we will be looking at:

  • Alerts
  • Drive
  • Trends
  • Page Speed
  • My Business
  • Analytics

This choice of Google tools will enable you to manage your entire site on various devices with improved mobility.

Google Tools – Alerts

The Google alerts app is an easy to use tool that allows you to configure notifications delivered to your inbox. The alerts uses a search string you choose. Several options are available to configure your alert and once there is any change you receive a notice in your inbox.

This app is perfect to keep tabs on what your competition is doing or monitor market related information.

Google Tools – Drive

Drive is google’s cloud storage application and at this time comes with 15G free storage, more than enough for small business use.

Within drive you can create the following:

  • Documents (Google Docs)
  • Presentation
  • Spreadsheet
  • Form
  • Drawing

New extensions added to drive provide the ability to connect plugin features. Even though this is a new feature other scripting abilities already exist.


The sharing ability makes drive an excellent tool for collaborative website management. Once registered to drive you can install the drive feature on your computer. With drive installed on your machine you have a folder that is available offline, this folder is then synchronized with drive every time a connection becomes available.

Cloud Advantage

Because drive is a cloud application you can access and work on your documents from almost any device, if you are busy in the office on a doc and have to leave, you can simply continue on your tablet or cell phone.

During the training course we do the following:

  • Set up drive account
  • Install PC version
  • Create a document
  • Share a document

Google Tools – Trends

Insights on search terms are crucial to your SEO efforts and keyword research. Google Trends give you graphical presentations of search volumes. You can add multiple search terms to allow comparison.

The trend insights displays time and has markers to point out news events. Additional information includes regional interests and related search terms.

Other parts of this application give you information on what is trending at this time, you can also subscribe to get top search information in your inbox. Knowing what people are searching for helps with keyword research and creating that top articles for your site.

Google Tools – Page Speed

Google webmaster tools offer PageSpeed an analysis tool. With Google PageSpeed you have the means to enter the URL you want to test. Tested page results display in 2 sections, Mobile and Desktop.

Each section displays a score out of 100 and information about rules passed or failed. With failed rules you are also supplied with tips on how to resolve the issues.

Google Tools – My Business

Google integrated the previously named Google Places for business into Google+. The integration changed the old Google Pages into My Business. My Business is a convenient, intuitive to use interface, with many seo signals to look out for.

The location information you specify in My Business link to Google Adwords and used in ad extensions.

The dashboard offers insights into views, clicks, new followers and more. The Engagement, Audience and Platform information gives you important data you need when planning or optimizing your online marketing campaigns.

Details on reviews is also part of your dashboard, reviews weighs in on seo ratings, the more you get the better. Reviews written by clients and displayed on your website helps to build credibility with potential clients.

Linking your business dashboard to Google Analytics is just one more plus point. Google plus is quickly becoming the go to solution for CRM.

Google Tools – Analytics

Analytics is a free website analysis tool that offer a wealth of information about your website, visitors, devices, browsers, location flow and much more. This information is handy when optimizing your posts.

To gain access to any google applications you must have a google account – gmail address.


This post offers a small insight into the Google tools above. Chances are good of more in depth posts in the future on all of them.

Renier van den Berg
Working alone, providing digital services to businesses in different sectors, comes with an advantage. I get to see the similarities in businesses operating in different sectors and will gladly help you to implement the right digital strategies and applications to save money and generate more business leads.