Exciting first startup and doing your accounts on the beach.

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Done the first startup and everything did not make it through the transformation from windows to Ubuntu 14. Last time we stopped with Ubuntu installed and this time round, I’m rushing through the “Must Do’s” and slowing down at the “What you can do’s” . Stopping on a high note is good and we’ll be doing just that.

A general misunderstanding is that your system are up to date once you completed the install and do your first startup, but it’s not. With every persons pc put together using different hardware, the operating system installs with all the basics, just to make it run. The first step is crucial, you will easily get the best drivers for your hardware and drop the drunk ones.

The same process applies for windows. The big difference is that with Ubuntu, simply by entering a few commands into a terminal window, which by the way you can copy and paste, you download and install straight from the various repositories. Here is a link explaining what repositories are.

Experience told me that YouTube is a great place to get Ubuntu tutorials, so I went there first and plowed through many videos, some good, but I decided to see what I can get on the web instead. Comparing the options, YouTube and web, I went with this one:

10 things to do Here is the link

So with all that done, I gave my pc a restart and got a surprise, only 2 of the 4 monitors started. Amazingly two came up in the first go, but after wasting half a day on trying to get all four going, I ended up with only three working. This will  have to wait.

Another victim turned out to be my USB wireless adapter doesn’t seem to be supported, back to that darn cable, for now. I believe there is a way to patch that.

This is the thing with Ubuntu, everything you need is online, and the community support is at master level! Because Linux have been around for years, online. Get stuck, well chances are very good someone have already asked your question, just ask ubuntu.


Oh did I mention, you don’t have to spend money on anti-virus software! In fact you do not even need any, but getting a good firewall is always a good idea.

That is it for the must do’s, if you get stuck, go online there are many people eager to aid you for the love of Ubuntu and not money. Do not ask me because I am not a technician, but what I know really good, is how to get your business mobile.

On that note, let’s get a bit stuck here.

Remember the exciting admin stuff I was telling you about? There are some basic needs any business have when starting. Some tools you can add later, others you need from the word go. One of those “can’t live without” things are making invoices, quotes and other customer related interactions.

Did you know that adding mobility to your daily operations is one of your websites most important functions? It’s not purely an advertising tool people!

Here I found myself with a brand new operating system and none of my business files, but it is month end and the work must carry on. This sets off a frantic search for my clients data, and I found it. E-mail is more important than what you think, I NEVER delete mail and this time it saved me.

As soon as Thunderbird started downloading email my clients account information magically materialized on my pc and a “you have 17 643¬† new messages”, notification. Okay, found the data now how to make the invoices and this time better than what I had it.

Ask no questions and hear no lies, in the past my accounting system ran on a combination of Corel Draw and Quattro Pro, I know don’t laugh – made the first (in a hurry) invoice like that and simply never got to changing it.

This is now where I tap my website resources. I need an application that can do the following and be 100% usable via various mobile devices:

  • Store client details
  • Make and send invoices
  • Make and send reminders
  • Same for payment notifications
  • Keep track of who paid
  • Show outstanding invoices

This is the beauty of this story, because my website set-up is right, it took me a couple of hours and all the functionality above got added to my site. Now my website is no longer just for advertising and writing things, it actually became my accounting system, an accounting system with many advantages.

The first plus here is the fact that old files no longer clog up my hard drive but I also have all my tools for running accounts, available from any device anywhere in the world, regardless if my pc crashes or not.

Do you work on the road? Well this way you can create and send invoices immediately while you visiting your client. Before he can check his email you already delivered the quote/invoice. This is a perfect solution if you have sales reps, or simply to use in the office.

If you want to get this solution for your website, drop me an email form here

Ending with good news

Taken from how many times people asked, I can confidently say that many people are looking for a cheap way to manage accounts on the run. Well, here it is. In the next post we will be investigating a 99 bucks a month, mobile accounts basics web app.

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Renier van den Berg
Working alone, providing digital services to businesses in different sectors, comes with an advantage. I get to see the similarities in businesses operating in different sectors and will gladly help you to implement the right digital strategies and applications to save money and generate more business leads.