Quickfood Features Guide.

Quickfood Offers Versatile Remote Restaurant Management features.

See the features guide below
manage-remoteRestaurant management software designed to manage multiple outlets remotely with ease on most devices.

The Features Guide is presented in two main sections.

The Server / Cash Desk and The Sales Points

Quickfood can be configured in many different ways, some of the more popular configurations are used in restaurants and is set up with a mixture of desktop computers, tablets and display units for making sections.

The features offered is very flexible and we configure them for each installation, in the following sections you will see the magnitude of automation of daily stock management tasks and tools that is available.

All the functions is available as a cloud based solution and works perfect for remote management of your businesses, especially if you have more than one in different locations.

panel_screens panel_screens
The cash up feature are easy and safe. Your system is custom set to meet your cash up needs. Easy managing of gaming payouts, know how much each machine pays out and to who payments are made.
panel_screens panel_screens
Automated stock control features allows for accurate, effortless management of stock. Keep expenses under control and know what is paid as it happens. Easily see totals in the reports.
panel_screens panel_screens
Costing, specials scheduling, recipes, photos, descriptions are some of the features included. Manage your banking and petty cash with the master float. A function to boost till floats also exist.
panel_screens panel_screens
Have your right staff working on the right shifts with the clocking and staff performance tools. Get full reports on how well staff perform. Timekeeping, sales performance, accuracy shortages.
panel_screens panel_screens
Always know what is happening with sales reports, budget and daily targets calculated for you. The messaging feature doubles as a record of arrangements and instructions with signed messages.
panel_screens panel_screens
Reward your loyal patrons and grow your database with info on frequency and spending trends. Schedule specials, thereafter the prices will automatically change and cashiers are notified.

restaurant management software devices

Quickfood is developed for bars and restaurants. Saving time, spreading workload, eliminating mistakes and complete remote functioning make this product unique.

Flexible installation options
Each installation is tailored to suit the client’s requirements.

Manage multiple locations
The remote abilities provide one of the biggest advantages,
managing multiple outlets from a single point becomes easy.

Easy to use point of sale
The intuitive design of the sales consoles allows for new staff
to immediately use it without any real training.

All over improved efficiency
When replacing docket books with tablets and using order
display units you prevent errors and cut staff travel time by
more than 50%. Perfect for bigger shops.

Various Components

quickfood point of sale

We take your existing hardware into consideration when making up a quote and always work towards the most cost-effective installation possible.
Quickfood Server
The server links up all the other components and can be used as a cash desk for single point payments or hosted for cloud functionality.
Sales Nodes
Sales nodes can be set up with separate floats and cashups. Tablets work good for taking orders and offer many advantages.
Interactive Displays
Using display units in making areas allow for communication when orders are placed/ready. Sales nodes have the same ability.
Additional Components
Additional components that may be added include, digital table talkers and digital menu displays.

Quickfood is designed to point out problem areas and save money.

point of sale - dashboard

The collection of features will simplify your daily tasks and save time. By applying the flexible installation options our clients saved money and Quickfood became a crucial part of their business.
Renier van den Berg
Working alone, providing digital services to businesses in different sectors, comes with an advantage. I get to see the similarities in businesses operating in different sectors and will gladly help you to implement the right digital strategies and applications to save money and generate more business leads.