Get your Corporate Identity spot-on from the start.



How do you present your business to the public?

01_A_identity2There are many factors that can influence your corporate image, but in the case of corporate identity it all depends on how you present your business. We will be establishing your identity by using various methods, some more effective than others, but having the basics in place remains crucial.

The XYZ service kicks off with your corporate identity, the reason being that most of what you will be doing in your business reflects your identity and changing this later can become a tricky and expensive exercise.

Establishing your identity
When developing your corporate identity, I follow a process that starts by identifying your goals. The next phase incorporates all the various elements, e.g. design elements, colors, slogans, catch phrases and more.

Presenting your identity
Once we established your identity, I go ahead and create your logo. Logos are very important with regards to how the public will recognize and associate with your business. The key elements that makes up your corporate identity will then be incorporated into your logo.

Now we use it!
With all the above mentioned in place I apply your identity to all the places required. As mentioned on the overview page, everything that needs graphical attention will receive it. Getting your identity “Out There” is very important and we will be using many products and services to make sure your business gets noticed.

Some places to show your identity:

  • Signage.
  • Shop fitting and layout.
  • All paper media uses.
  • All electronic uses.
  • Staff uniforms

How does all of this get done?
I have an extensive portfolio of design work ranging from membership cards through to 6m x 3m big signs and all sorts of things in between. All the planning, development and graphical design work, I do myself to industry standards. When it comes to printing and supply of materials etc. I use my existing suppliers or source the best companies for the job.

Renier van den Berg
Working alone, providing digital services to businesses in different sectors, comes with an advantage. I get to see the similarities in businesses operating in different sectors and will gladly help you to implement the right digital strategies and applications to save money and generate more business leads.