The 5 page budget website vs continuous updates solution.


After a bit of shopping around, it became clear that most web designers offers a standard website deal with 5 pages and off you go. So I decided to compare what you get when buying a budget 5 pager and what you get when signing up for the continuous solution offered by

What’s the problem?

what is the problem

Once you start shopping for a website product you will soon realize how many offerings are available, each one looking better than the previous.

I found where many people get stuck is what they are actually buying. It is very easy for the person giving you a quote, to work out how much you know and sell you nothing for more.

Remember the woman takes her car to the mechanic story? Same thing.


During my shopping spree I found these following variations and will be using them to point out a couple of things. These samples where all taken now, from real companies as they advertise their pricing in public.

1. Price grows with features added.


This type of pricing structure are often found, the thinking behind this allows for clients to select a package that will give them features they might use. My question is if a single contact form and the ability to administrate your website something you must be paying extra for?

01_sized3Apart from not knowing what the “Nothing Fancy” feature is or does, a Facebook button are not going to bring in more visitors.


  All three of the samples above are the same flavor, simply different suppliers.

2. Template sites



A quick Google search pointed out this one. Some service providers buy and resell templates, the prices are visible, you can make your own conclusion on this one. And then your website looks exactly like many other, just the words are different.

reniersky_ruleThere are some of the latest deals, but what do you get? It took some time to go through all the offerings and in the end of the day all the samples above still leaves you with a MAJOR HEADACHE. First a comparison.

Sourced 5 pager deals

  • Website – 5 pages
  • Domain Name
  • Hosting
  • Email
  • Logo design
  • Paid features

Reniersky Continuous Solution

  • Domain Name
  • Hosting
  • Email
  • Comprehensive graphical design
  • Photography
  • Video walk through
  • Any features you may need
  • Strategy development
  • Complete management admin section.
  • 3 months mentoring and guidance
  • In-house training

So what is this continuous updates thing?

Let me start by showing you the result first, here is a graph indicating index content by search engines, of once off websites and websites with continuous activity.

5 pager VS continuous updates

Getting a web site online is the easy part, setting up a web site that shows up in search engines requires the right strategy. That is why this solution goes far beyond publishing a website.

Here is an overview of tasks that I do to make sure your website achieves the highest page rank possible:

  • Keyword research – Used as the basis to create a competitive site.
  • Proposition strategy – Make sure we give web site visitors what they came for.
  • Acquisition strategy – Configure and create the channels that enables you to be found.
  • Conversion strategy – Set in place the requirements to convert visitors to clients.
  • Retention strategy – Put in place the many ways to help visitors come back.

Analytics strategy
I create and manage various analytical applications that provides ongoing insight with regards to growth, problem areas, demographics, interests, geo, behavior and much more.

The various strategies and tools mentioned above give a wealth of information. This information requires constant attention, which I separated into two groups:

1. What I do

My job starts with creating everything, taking photos and footage, designing the graphical content we need, creating the core content, and the site. Once the site is live my job moves on to maintaining good seo (search engine optimization) security, constant updating of core applications to ensure safety and good page rank.

General administration will include email hosting and web site updates to ensure your site keeps up with the rules. Yes, your website will never become outdated as it will get updated regularly.

2. What you do

Not too much! My services are structured in a way that will allow for the best results with the least effort. This does not mean your role aren’t important, in fact your part in this is the most important.

As part of my services you will receive in-house training that will arm you with some really handy skills. These skills are described in detail on my site at:

The mentor sessions consists of a one day in-house course and three months online assistance. With this done you will be able to successfully drive visitors to your site with as little as 15 minutes a day.


Renier van den Berg
Working alone, providing digital services to businesses in different sectors, comes with an advantage. I get to see the similarities in businesses operating in different sectors and will gladly help you to implement the right digital strategies and applications to save money and generate more business leads.