Configure products, do costing and create recipes with ease.


Easily configure products with Quickfood. Costing are calculated automatically and many helpful features are included. This comes in handy especially when setting up recipes.

The products interface is packed with useful features, some are:

  • Set up pack types and sizes
  • Configure Suppliers
  • Categorize products
  • Add product options

Efficient Product Management

Once you have your products configured you can easily create recipes for cocktails and food menu items. With this feature the recipes tool automatically calculates the costing as when setting up normal products.

You can select whether a product must be included in the stock count or not.

When a recipes item are sold the quantities specified are deducted from the stock. Let’s take an example: A shooter that contains 4 ingredients will deduct 0.25 of a tot from the ingredients.

When setting up product you have options available to add descriptions and methods to mix (cocktails) with an image of the product. This will then in turn display an Info” button on the sales point so that the staff member selling the product can mix cocktails and mix shooters without any real training.

Product Recipes

Quickfood supports unlimited products, you can with confidence add as many as you need.

During the time when you create your products you can set up attributes. These are used when your products comes with options, such as how the steak must be prepared or what starch the client would like to add to his meal.

The attributes aids with speeding up order placement times, especially when you use tablets to take orders. The orders are displayed at the making sections the moment the waiter confirms the order. This removes the need to walk back to the kitchen or bar, and have more than a 50% reduction in travel time.

This works well in big shops. Once the order is ready the kitchen or bar triggers a notification that is shown on the tablet and the waiter knows the food is ready for collection.

Cash and stock balance

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