How to cash-up and prevent most common errors.

Easy cash-up and balancing on almost device.

We streamlined our previous cash-up tools on both the admin and the point of sale side. Both of these tools are designed to decrease chances of wrong counts and fraudulent entries.

Easy Cashup

On the POS side – Sales Console

The end of day procedure is broken down into 3 steps:

  • Counting the cash
  • Removing Cash
  • Confirming float

1. Counting Cash

The cash counts are done in number of notes or coins, not values, so R 100 total of R 20 notes are counted as 5.

This makes it quick and easy for anyone to count large amounts of cash with a minimum chance of making mistakes.

After counting the cashier CONFIRM and digitally SIGN for the values counted, making them liable for the balance.

2. Removing Cash

The cash removed are also done in the same fashion as the count. Quickfood calculates which units must be removed to leave the set float to remain in the cash drawer.

3. Confirming the Float

After the cash is removed the cashier will be shown exactly what float is left behind in the cash drawer for the following shift. This is displayed in units and values for easy counting.

The cashier also DIGITALLY SIGN this section and accept liability for miscounts.

Making cashups accurate

On the ADMIN side – Quickfood Dashboard

The admin section offers many features, here are a few key points:

  • Authorize the cash up to be done remotely on the sales node or locally.
  • Once the cash up is activated no more sales can be done by that cashier.
  • Automatically balance all cash ups.
  • See a daily summary or individual sales points.
  • Keep history with various calculators.


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