Quickfood cash register a result of testing and optimizing.

start new table_4This intuitive sales console are the result of many hours testing and optimizing, the result: a super easy cash register with advanced options.

In this post you will see six of the functions offered by Quickfood cash register. These functions are:

  • Starting a transaction
  • Selecting a department
  • Selecting a Product
  • Transaction details page
  • Payment page
  • Adding to parked tables


1. Starting a Transaction

Regardless to all the various options that may be available on your POS install the “Start New Table” button are always focused. This enables for any transaction to be started easily by hitting the return(enter) button on the keyboard. This button is made bigger to allow for easy use on tablets and smaller displays down to 4″.

2. Selecting a department (Category)


In the first step to ring a sale you will see the various departments configured on the system. This is to allow for easily finding products.

The image above shows the various layouts, that may be configured to display the best way for your types of products and devices.

To continue simply select a department and you will be taken to the following step.

3. Selecting Products

Selecting Products

Selecting a product is easy, when ringing a single product simply click on the product name and 1 x “Your Selection” will be added to the order. When the quantity is more than one, simply click on the 1x next to the product button and quantities will appear, clicking on the number you want will and that amount of the selected product to the order/bill.

In this sample image no info buttons are shown, but once you set up recipes, the info buttons will appear on this screen next to the recipes products or products with descriptions.

As soon as you select your product you will be taken to the following options page.

4. Transaction Details Page

Tab Total Screen

On this screen you will see all the items currently added to this sale. This screen allows a couple of options with the first being to “Add Items”.

Adding items will take you back to step 3. and you can add more products to the transaction.

Payment will advance the transaction directly to the last step payment and “Park Table” allows for the transaction to be stored and easily re-opened to add more products later – running a TAB.

The main display pane shows the products description, single item price, selected quantity, Item total and an accumulative total of the current sale.

The last option is a “x” button, this allows for easily removing wrongly added products. This is all possible before the order is confirmed and displayed. Variations on this section do exist, depending if a cash desk is used or straight transactions are configured.

5. Payment

Payment Options

The payment screen may vary depending on the shop configuration allowing for loyalty points, various payment methods etc.

This process are made to be as easy as possible, on a cash transaction simply add the amount tendered and the change will immediately be displayed.

Close off the sale by hitting the enter key on the keyboard or clicking the “Make Payment” button.

The process will be taken back to the landing page allowing for the next transaction to be started.

6. Adding To Parked Tables

re-openOnce transactions are parked, they will appear on the notification area to the bottom of the home page.

Simply click the transaction to open and you will be taken to the transaction. The following displays will vary depending on the systems configuration.


While adding new products to an existing transaction, the cashier are shown a confirmation of previously added products and a running balance of the bill.

Renier van den Berg
Working alone, providing digital services to businesses in different sectors, comes with an advantage. I get to see the similarities in businesses operating in different sectors and will gladly help you to implement the right digital strategies and applications to save money and generate more business leads.