The quick, easy, accurate and tested cash balance.

cashup groups

Cash balance easily in sections

The cash up balance report adapts, depending on how you group your tills. Creating and editing grouping are easy and done under the settings.

A good example will be a situation where you need to place waiters together on a single big table. Simply make the changes in the grouping section. All the grouped sales points are balanced together.

The global summary ties all the cashed up sections together.

Section Details

The section details link takes you to the reporting tool that allows for sections to be displayed separately and in full detail. Drop down menus allows you to quickly change the data shown and makes this tool flexible.

The sections tool are divided into the following panels:

  • Cash Counted
  • Expenses (cash register and gaming separated)
  • Optimized float data removes shortages between shift handover
  • Cash Removed
  • Cash alterations includes: credit cards, departmental bookings and more.
  • Cash balance panel provides crucial data eg: shortages.
  • Panel total calculations.

Image4Images above only show sample data and additional options may appear here or omitted.

The panels are grouped together by cash up group and you have a choice to display a single date or a date range. Never loose track of cash up data again.

Quickfood Cash Balance_2a

Monthly Summary

The Monthly Summary allows for monthly totals to be easily calculated according to group or a summary that add all the various sections together for a global totals balance for your complete business.

This tool allows you to choose how many days to display and a starting date. This makes it very easy to see your sales performances over any given period, even right from day one.

The different sections can easily be labeled in this example a shop and a bar is used, but you can add up to 5 sections all with their own settings.

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