Build your own site from scratch to custom taxonomies

Build Your Own Website

In this post series you learn how to build your own website from scratch to custom taxonomies. The easiest way to follow the post series is to sign-up FREE.

Building a website is a big undertaking that involves many parts. At this time it is a bit tricky to know exactly how many posts we make up this series. Take note that I will be answering any questions you may have, and help as far as possible, but only in the comments per post related to that post, meaning only subscribers to will be able to take part.

Headings Overview

  • Prerequisites: Where to start
  • The software needed to do everything
  • Creating the core/platform – WordPress
  • Applying a theme and styling your website
  • Creating navigation
  • Populating with content
  • Incorporating conversion strategies
  • Checking performance
  • Optimizing your site
  • Search engine submission
  • Connecting social assets
  • Run your first campaign

As mentioned above, each of these headings may be broken into smaller parts.


Some parts may become somewhat involved, and we will be looking at topics that includes some basic programming skills. To make it really easy and worth your while, I will add in downloadable ready-made scripts, and blocks of code were needed.

Building a website is not really difficult in whole, it seems that the diversity of what needs to be done can be overwhelming and in most cases the part that deters people the most. To really point out the simplicity, we will be taking it slow.

What are we building?

The aim of this series is to teach you the basics to a point where you can use the knowledge gained by following the series to build your own application that suits your needs. As an example I will be building an employment application. A system that will allow for visitors to sign-up and submit an employment application form.

Who will this help?

This series is targeted at small business owners, that are looking to make use of the internet to improve sales. But sales aren’t the only thing, your website will host your members database, which then in turn can be used to manage customer relationships, run promotions, offer technical assistance and after sales service and many more.

However this series will be focusing on how to build your own website, that includes various marketing and advertising related topics – we will not be dwelling on those parts.

Additional support

Do know, that you can easily get help if you get stuck. You can make use of any of the forms on the website or complete the form below. Give me a description of what you want to do and I will do the first 30 minutes Skype consultation, free of charge.

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