A Short About.

What do you want to do?

Or What do you need to do? When you start answering that question, you quickly find out that it is way more than what you thought you need to do. So, we spent the last 27 years selling products in different types of businesses and locations.

That is where Quickfood originated from, and is built on the practical application to the daily operations required to remotely manage various outlets. From the first complete data set starting 01 Jan 2014 to date, Quickfood flawlessly managed more than 10million rand, in sales transactions with accuracy and consistency.

The hard working part of that is, that every part of the Quickfood application started with a problem of sorts. Some fires are easier to put out than others. Right from the start we had systems in place to handle the various tasks required to run a business, from day to day. The caveat of this whole thing was the paper…sheets and sheet and sheets.

At the time when computers arrived in business to stay, we changed many of the controls systems into spreadsheets. A great spreadsheet system was just as horrible as a good paper system…if not worse. Especially with historical accounts.

All of this I am referring to played off in the early 90’s. We danced like that for some time. Then somewhere in the early 2000’s I found myself spinning, trying to keep 3 separately located businesses afloat, it was insane. All three businesses fell in different sectors. One alcohol, the other sport nutrition and about 30odd websites, built, hosted and managed for clients.

Out of pure desperation, I took up the task of swinging all the over complicated Corel Quattro Pro spreadsheets into a web interface, with the hope to gain remote access abilities. Little did I know what lied ahead.

Then, around 2012 and after try number three, I managed to incorporate the first basic framework into the back office side of my spreadsheet driven system. So I started the hard work. In a matter of months I taught myself, Php, Mysql, Jquery and some Java. At that point I was pretty proficient in HTML, .CSS and some graphical applications.

Somewhere half way through last year(2019), I decided to make the changes I had in mind for a long time, and started upgrading to the latest version. With the new updates in place, Quickfood will be ready to begin working as a subscription service.

And that’s why I am here writing this. The purpose of this website is to show all the things Quickfood is capable of doing.

In the future….My thought farm. I will not be saying too much about that, but be assured, a couple of really useful ideas are patiently waiting in line.

Quickfood Server