Quickfood. Make life easier.

Have you ever experienced, the power of having your entire business in your pocket?

We not talking writing docs and sending email. Quickfood gives you full control of sales, stock, gaming, expenses, staff and more.

Track Sales Live

  • Low level notifications
  • Target progress
  • Transactions breakdown

Workforce Engaged

  • Automated payslips
  • Performance reporting
  • Shifts planning & budget

Cash Flow

  • Streamlined cash-up
  • Live expenses & invoices
  • Easy cash movement with Boosts

Keep up with Regulars

  • Patron rewards system
  • Easy specials manager
  • In-app Chat
Limited Payout Machines Icon

FIC Compliant Gaming

  • Automated threshold notifications
  • FIC compliance database
  • Live cash levels

Products Management

  • Automated costing & recipes
  • Visual product Inventory
  • Flexible stock counts and balance

Concise Reporting

Giving a lot of information clearly and in a few words; brief but comprehensive.

Growing Fast

Updates and new features gets added on a daily basis. Quickfood offers a long list of automated tasks, all the things you need to do in one place. And all the different parts working together to give you live reporting on key features, like stock levels and cash float levels. All done in real-time.

Automated tasks

  • Stock counts, receiving and balancing.
  • Timekeeping, shift planner and register.
  • Easy Payslips with performance indicators.
  • Easy to use picture browser point of sales.
  • Complete gaming management.
  • Complete FIC management system.
  • Financial tracking and reporting.
  • Complete communications via memos and chat.

Keeping it short, the list goes on and if you manage a business or three, and want to learn more, follow us on Facebook. Here is the link to our page: Quickfood on Facebook Link