Build your own site from scratch to custom taxonomies

In this post series you learn how to build your own website from scratch to custom taxonomies. The easiest way to follow the post series is to sign-up FREE. Building a website is a big undertaking that involves many parts. At this time it is a bit tricky to know exactly how many posts we […]

The Xyz startup service – four parts in a single service.

Four building blocks every new business need, joined in a single startup service. Introduction Starting a business is not easy. The XYZ services are designed to aid you during your crucial first few months when starting a new business. Being through the process of starting a business many times myself and through experience in assisting […]

Making sense of computer equipment requirements.

The purpose of the XYZ computer service is to make the difficult decision of what computer equipment to buy when starting your business easier. By doing an analysis of what you may need and presenting you with a proposal that includes hardware and software and installation options. Each business have unique electronic equipment requirements, sourcing […]

A little bit of advertising skills goes a long way.

Some basic advertising skills will save you money and help to speed things up, during your new business start-up. One of the many important tools in a entrepreneurs toolbox is marketing skills. You do not have to be a professional marketer but a few basic skills can go a long way. With the XYZ service […]