Get your Corporate Identity spot-on from the start.

How do you present your business to the public? There are many factors that can influence your corporate image, but in the case of corporate identity it all depends on how you present your business. We will be establishing your identity by using various methods, some more effective than others, but having the basics in […]

Here is a way to communicate and save money while doing it.

  Any business needs to communicate in some or other way. Big companies have call centres and smaller businesses a receptionist and often, one man operations makes use of a cellphone. That’s all good, and obviously the popular way to handle client communications. The right question here is: how much do you spend on internal […]

Exciting first startup and doing your accounts on the beach.

Done the first startup and everything did not make it through the transformation from windows to Ubuntu 14. Last time we stopped with Ubuntu installed and this time round, I’m rushing through the “Must Do’s” and slowing down at the “What you can do’s” . Stopping on a high note is good and we’ll be […]