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Are you saving money on marketing, dropping the small stuff to get going or depending on slow and outdated software, until you can afford improvements? Saving does not make money!

Let’s get your business digitally correct. Here is a basic description of the framework used during a contract. All consulting agreements will be quoted.

The Framework.

What do you bring to the table? Products & Services Why do people use you Make it easy to deal with you Competitive Advantages
How will your clients find you? Social Media Search Engine Optimization Marketing & Strategies Partnerships Public Relations Paid Advertising
Converting visitors to clients? User experience and usability Third party certifications Promotions and Merchandising Personalization
Making your clients come back? After Sales Service Email & CRM Third Party offers Support & Community Referrals & Reviews Social Media Customer Rewards
Are you making progress? Online Analysis Competitor Benchmarking Feedback & Surveys Key Performance Indicators
Contracts are made available in three (3) time spans: 1, 2 or 3 Months. The price scales down for longer time spans. The complete framework will be applied during any of the 3 time span options.
Renier van den Berg
Working alone, providing digital services to businesses in different sectors, comes with an advantage. I get to see the similarities in businesses operating in different sectors and will gladly help you to implement the right digital strategies and applications to save money and generate more business leads.