Let’s take a look at online link building.

Online links are one of the reasons the internet actually exist. This dependency on links, affects the way your website will be ranked by search engines. Even though search engines don’t publish SEO rules, it is very clear that building links carries some weight. Often on the internet, SEO companies claim that link building falls […]

Website Layouts, what is my options? #websitelayout

As usual there are some things to consider first, because these options will affect the website all the way to the end. What are they? Responsiveness Website goals Feel & experience Starting with the DOM DOM is the abbreviation for Document Object Model and lies right at the base of each HTML document. The DOM […]

A look at the components that makes up a Reniersky website.

In this product overview you will see how easy it is to get a website from Reniersky, and what makes our service different. There are many ways to get your business online. The question is, if your website will be found or not. Obviously you want everyone to see your web site, buy your products, […]