Retention Strategy- So how do you make them come back?

The fourth heading we looking at in this post series, deals with retention strategy. The motivation behind a good retention strategy, will provide your visitors with enough feasible reason to return to your site. Getting the visitors, we dealt with in the last 3 posts, you can find them here: Proposition Strategy –The strategy behind […]

Acquisition: How to make it possible for people to find you.

In a previous article: The strategy behind a car with a story, we looked at as an example of how to create a proposition strategy. In short that means, how to plan what you will be showing/giving/offering/selling to your visitors. If you followed the tips in the article you should have everything you putting […]

Some traffic blog series

The idea behind this traffic blog series is to give you a knowledge base to work from. This whole post series will only deal with 5 strategies, as below. Proposition Strategy –The strategy behind a car with a story -> Read. Acquisition Strategy –How to make it possible for people to find you. Conversion Strategy […]