Quickfood cash register a result of testing and optimizing.

This intuitive sales console are the result of many hours testing and optimizing, the result: a super easy cash register with advanced options. In this post you will see six of the functions offered by Quickfood cash register. These functions are: Starting a transaction Selecting a department Selecting a Product Transaction details page Payment page […]

A point of sale solution with flexible installation options.

Quickfood offers multiple installation options. This post will be taking a look at some of the equipment and ways to configure your installation. Quickfood is cost efficient and gives you a tailored pub and restaurant management system. Some of the components looked at in this post are: Quickfood Server Sales Nodes Quickfood Server The server […]

Quickfood Features Guide.

Quickfood Offers Versatile Remote Restaurant Management features. See the features guide below Restaurant management software designed to manage multiple outlets remotely with ease on most devices. The Features Guide is presented in two main sections. The Server / Cash Desk and The Sales Points Quickfood can be configured in many different ways, some of the […]

How to cash-up and prevent most common errors.

Easy cash-up and balancing on almost device. We streamlined our previous cash-up tools on both the admin and the point of sale side. Both of these tools are designed to decrease chances of wrong counts and fraudulent entries. On the POS side – Sales Console The end of day procedure is broken down into 3 […]

Configure products, do costing and create recipes with ease.

Easily configure products with Quickfood. Costing are calculated automatically and many helpful features are included. This comes in handy especially when setting up recipes. The products interface is packed with useful features, some are: Set up pack types and sizes Configure Suppliers Categorize products Add product options Once you have your products configured you can […]

Is replacing waiters with tablet restaurant systems a smart move?

Tablet restaurant system, the question is if tablets should replace waiters? Quickfood Installed the first tablet restaurant system in a game lodge in 2012 and proved the advantages. Although there are many applications that this system can offer and, yes replacing the waiter is one of them, we found that placing the tablet in the […]

Easy and efficient remarketing tools for your restaurant.

Quickfood provide an easy way to apply remarketing Marketing plays an important role in any business and there are no difference in the food and beverage industry. The Beaten Path Previous proven methods included specials and advertising using fliers or promotions advertised in the local newspaper. These ways work well but just as marketing goes, […]

Quickfood, a pos and management solution, tailored just for you.

At Quickfood we know that managing a business is much more than just ringing sales on a cash register. We have been actively involved in managing various types of businesses in the past. During this time I created Quickfood and tested the software thoroughly, in everyday working environments each with their own requirements. Our goal […]