Let’s take a look at online link building.

Online links are one of the reasons the internet actually exist. This dependency on links, affects the way your website will be ranked by search engines. Even though search engines don’t publish SEO rules, it is very clear that building links carries some weight. Often on the internet, SEO companies claim that link building falls […]

Exciting first startup and doing your accounts on the beach.

Done the first startup and everything did not make it through the transformation from windows to Ubuntu 14. Last time we stopped with Ubuntu installed and this time round, I’m rushing through the “Must Do’s” and slowing down at the “What you can do’s” . Stopping on a high note is good and we’ll be […]

Moving past responsive into a true mobile first approach for new and small businesses.

2014 was the year to get your website responsive and now that everyone is there, the focus moved. In the following post I will be telling you a story, prove a couple of things and let you in on something new. But first, if you haven’t heard about responsive design and how important it is, […]

5 ingredients to compliment your marketing skills.

It seems that picking up marketing skills on the internet is easy. This is because there are so much content marketing busy happening. The Question: Is marketing skills all you need to create and manage your own content, marketing strategies and pay-per-click advertising campaigns?   If you are a new to marketing your business online, […]

The In-house Mentoring program, your digitalmarketing secret weapon.

I compiled this up to date in-house mentoring course to equip you with the latest required skills. The purpose of this course is to enable you to successfully manage your own digital marketing. What is the problem to overcome? Even though the internet offer great tools for marketing, it comes with its own set of […]

Digital business applications consulting services

Four building blocks every new business need, joined in a single start-up service. Poor planning is not always to be blamed, no matter how well you plan there will always be unexpected fires to put out. Once your plan comes together, not having enough time quickly becomes a problem and this is when the “Not […]

Using the internet as part of you start-up makes a difference.

The benefits of using the internet, as part of your new business start-up is priceless. Launching your business online and the other related online services in sync with your first marketing drive has many benefits. This is obvious but at the same time many new businesses leave these powerful tools for later because of time, […]

A little bit of advertising skills goes a long way.

Some basic advertising skills will save you money and help to speed things up, during your new business start-up. One of the many important tools in a entrepreneurs toolbox is marketing skills. You do not have to be a professional marketer but a few basic skills can go a long way. With the XYZ service […]

A look at the components that makes up a Reniersky website.

In this product overview you will see how easy it is to get a website from Reniersky, and what makes our service different. There are many ways to get your business online. The question is, if your website will be found or not. Obviously you want everyone to see your web site, buy your products, […]

The Xyz startup service – four parts in a single service.

Four building blocks every new business need, joined in a single startup service. Introduction Starting a business is not easy. The XYZ services are designed to aid you during your crucial first few months when starting a new business. Being through the process of starting a business many times myself and through experience in assisting […]

Retention Strategy- So how do you make them come back?

The fourth heading we looking at in this post series, deals with retention strategy. The motivation behind a good retention strategy, will provide your visitors with enough feasible reason to return to your site. Getting the visitors, we dealt with in the last 3 posts, you can find them here: Proposition Strategy –The strategy behind […]

Acquisition: How to make it possible for people to find you.

In a previous article: The strategy behind a car with a story, we looked at www.ratrod.co.za as an example of how to create a proposition strategy. In short that means, how to plan what you will be showing/giving/offering/selling to your visitors. If you followed the tips in the article you should have everything you putting […]

Here is a way to communicate and save money while doing it.

  Any business needs to communicate in some or other way. Big companies have call centres and smaller businesses a receptionist and often, one man operations makes use of a cellphone. That’s all good, and obviously the popular way to handle client communications. The right question here is: how much do you spend on internal […]

You and I, and all the other humans: not bots.

Late last year I came across an article, that covered research done after a ROBOT won a writing competition, that surprised many people. In reality bots are everywhere, the study proven that an estimated 60% of all communication on-line are done by robots. These chatty robots doesn’t resemble anything humanoid, they are created and exist […]

Privacy Notice

Privacy Notice We know that you care how your information is used, and we appreciate your trust that we will use it carefully and sensibly. This notice describes our privacy policy. By visiting us, you are accepting the privacy policy described below. 1. What Personal Information Do We Collect? Information You Provide. We receive and […]