SEO Auditing Service – An effective way to improve your ranking

Is your website showing up on search pages? Do you know what causes the poor page ranking? Improve your web site rank with these SEO auditing services. Search Engine Optimization Service Options – SEO Auditing There are many reasons why you would need to audit your website. A seo audit give you insight to your […]

Acquisition: How to make it possible for people to find you.

In a previous article: The strategy behind a car with a story, we looked at as an example of how to create a proposition strategy. In short that means, how to plan what you will be showing/giving/offering/selling to your visitors. If you followed the tips in the article you should have everything you putting […]

Let’s take a look at online link building.

Online links are one of the reasons the internet actually exist. This dependency on links, affects the way your website will be ranked by search engines. Even though search engines don’t publish SEO rules, it is very clear that building links carries some weight. Often on the internet, SEO companies claim that link building falls […]

A beginners guide to help find your way around WordPress admin

In this post we will be taking a look at the WordPress admin when you log in for the first time after registering. This is as explained in the earlier article. Available Here WordPress Admin Bar Home button Comments + New SEO Activities Profile Search Sidebar Dashboard Jetpack Posts Media Comments Profile Tools Settings Seo […]

Photos and Graphics editing online, painless and for free.

Photos and graphics is a key part of your website. Apart from appearance you need to know the effects photos and graphics have on your seo rating. Photos and graphics, do you know what to look for? When talking about photos and graphics it is a proven fact that posts with images draws more attention […]